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Princess Salon - Royal Family


Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge and her royal family, Prince William, Prince George and Princess Charlotte are all getting ready for a royal event. Can you help her become her most elegant and fashionable self in time for the event?The royal family must get ready for a public activity. Kate knows that all eyes will be on her, her royal husband and their adorable prince and princess. It is time to give her the royal treatment you were born to provide. She needs some relaxation with a royal spa treatment. Her makeup must be picture perfect. Are you up to the challenge? Then, it’s time for the final piece of the puzzle, her lovely outfit. She always has a sense of elegance and grace in her fashion choices. Play dress up to find just the right outfit for the event.
How to Play: • Prepare to be treated like a princess • Enjoy a royal spa treatment or two • Don’t forget the makeup • Find the perfect royal fashion outfit to let her highness shine • Show up at the royal event looking fantastic
Kate Middleton knows the pressures of rocking high fashion while being followed by the paparazzi. She needs you to help her relax for her royal event with her high-profile royal family. Download today to give the royal highness the spa day she deserves!